Temporary staffing coordination in New York City

New York City is the leading city in the world for trends in business, fashion and food.
Experience the greatest city in the world your way.

We can efficiently arrange and accommodate your needs / budget.


We are flexible in all types of projects. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and ideas.

  • Food inspection tour arrangement
  • Natural products expo east tour (Sept)
  • Popular real estate properties tour
  • Commercial properties tour (restaurants / bars / office space)
  • Market research for different market verticals
  • We arrange and accompany you on exhibition tours
  • Assist exhibiting at convention centers
    (register – exhibit – after exhibition)
  • Research and accompaniment on shopping excursions
  • Research and accompaniment to auctions
  • Arrange company visits
  • Accompaniment on business lunch meetings
  • Popular jazz clubs tour

One day tour

2-3 day tours can be arranged on demand.

Food tour with trend commentary while visiting the following places

  • Popular food courts
  • Organic supermarkets
  • Long established gourmet stores
  • Cheese, ham, specialty stores
  • Green markets popular with celebrity chefs
  • B rank gourmet lunch (Choose from the list)
  • Dinner at restaurants where the cooking is done by celebrity chefs (Choose from the list)
  • We will provide detailed background information as we show you around



Real estate Residential / Commercial properties tour

  • Experienced real estate broker will show you popular properties with information on New York City real estate trends

Apparel / Fashion inspection tour

  • Popular department stores
  • Visit shops with famous brands / prestigious shops on 5th Avenue, SOHO and Meatpacking District
  • Visit wholesalers

We will take you from the top brand names & prestigious shops to wholesalers.

Looking for temporary staff in New York City?


  • We can provide you with temporary staff for short term projects when you don’t need fulltime people
  • Exhibition staff
  • Would you like to have the same person to be in charge of arranging business trips, making appointments with clients, airport pick up and following up with clients after your business trip?

 But it is difficult to find reliable person!

What you are looking for:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Understanding of American business customs
  • Someone with the know-how on when to follow up with clients, when to report to you and when to ask for advice
  • Diligent and hard worker
  • Able to adapt to any situation

 We can provide you with the support you need.
We have years of overseas sales and customer service experience so we can provide you with the best service possible.

Single / weekly / monthly engagements available

  • Exhibition staff
  • Shopping excursions
  • Property management
  • Sales commissioned business
  • New client development
  • Detailed research for new business startups


  • Gastronomic research tours
  • Real estate property tours
  • Arrange and accompany you on corporate research projects
  • Coordinate and accompany you to jazz clubs
  • Coordinate and accompany you on shopping tours
  • Accompany you to wholesale apparel shops and negotiate on your behalf
  • Arrange meetings and business dinners
  • Temporary Exhibition staff
  • Various kinds of research prior to your arrival to New York City


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Hours of operation

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(Mar.- Nov.)
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How to get started:

  • 1) Please fill out the “contact us” form (date / budget / purpose / questions etc. with as much detail as possible.) If you want us to book tickets / make restaurant reservations, please provide your top three dates and times.
  • 2) We will get back to you with availabilities, answer your questions, provide a price quotation and methods of payment.
  • 3) Sign the confirmation and payment forms.
  • 4) Once we confirm your payment, your reservation is confirmed.
  • 5) Meetings available through email / Skype / LINE.