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Luxury Brunch at New York ★Peacock Alley at Woldorf Astoria★

Luxury hotel, Woldorf Astoria, built in 1897, is recognized as landmark in New York. Top of the government from different countries used to stay here in the past, and often filed for movies. Sunday brunch at The Peacock Alley restaurant located at lobby level of this hotel was awarded as Top 10 hotel brunch by Fox News, Top 10 Lunch by Open table, and selected as one of the 4 most expected brunch in NY by Wall street Journal. I could not make reservation last month in Dec., so made booking for Jan. In the morning of brunch, I was excited and went to jog in the gym to make

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Sophisticated French-American fare ★ Tocqueville ★

If you want to enjoy sophisticated French-American fare, Tocqueville is the place to go. In the weeks before Christmas, Union Square is crowded with the Christmas Market and Farmer’s Market. Located at 1 East 15th Street, a residential street just off of Union Square, Tocqueville welcomes you with delicious cuisine and excellent service. The restaurant has received a 4.8 rating from Zagat and was the guide’s top American restaurant and in 2015, it was awarded Top Food. Additionally, Beverage Media awarded Tocqueville’s wine list in 2016 for its variety. The restaurant opened in 2000 and has become a beloved destination by local New Yorkers for its food, service and decor.

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My favorite brunch spot in SOHO ★Sadelle’s★

Sadelle’s has been a very popular brunch spot since it opened in 2015. It is my favorite brunch spot in New York City. Major Food Group manages this restaurant. Entering from the cobalt blue door, it is refreshing because of the high ceiling and skylight. As you enter, there is smoked salmon sliced by hand and bagels displayed on the right. This can be purchased if you would like to bring something home. It is located in the center of SOHO. You need to book in advance for brunch on weekends. The most popular dish here is the salmon & bagel tower which is fun to share. The smoke salmon

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A restaurant where you can select your own fresh seafood ★Astoria Seafood★

I am addicted to Astoria Seafood. It is located just off of Main Street in Astoria so it’s in a quiet neighborhood. It is both a retail fish shop and a restaurant. So many choices of fresh seafood. You pick whatever you would like to eat and put it in a plastic bag. Then just bring it to the counter, the fish is weighed, you pay based on the weight, tell them how you would like your fish cooked and then it’s delivered to your table. The inside of the restaurant is very simple. Kind of like a diner. Don’t forget to ask for garlic bread. It’s excellent but sometimes

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The best onion soup in New York ★La Bonne Soupe★

Many years ago, one of my French friend took me this restaurant, and after that, it became one of my favorite restaurant. Onion Soup at La Bonne Soupe. Please try La Soupe à l’Oignon or French Onion Soup as it is known in the U.S. Included are bread, salad and dessert for $22. Look at the golden brown Gruyère cheese melted on top! Beneath the cheese and the toasted French bread is hot onion soup. It’s the most delicious French onion soup I have ever had.

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New Orleans-style seafood restaurant in the Village★The Boil★

The Boil Waverly, Newly opened New Orleans-style seafood restaurant in the Village. OMG! This restaurant is so much fun! I love this place. When you are seated, the waiter will make you wear a bib and blue rubber gloves. I had the fried oysters as an appetizer and the Lobster & Crab Combo for my main. The big, fried oyster was juicy and delicious. The Lobster & Crab Combo was served in a big plastic bag and dropped right in the middle of the table. You have to pick the shrimp from plastic bag, twist the head off, chew on the head and remove the shell on the tail.

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The best steak in New York ★Peter Lugar Steak House★

There are many great steak places in New York but my favorite is Peter Luger Steak House! It is very popular so make your reservation well in advance. If not, you will probably have to eat dinner early – 4:45PM or late – 10:00PM. When you go to Peter Luger by subway from Manhattan take the M train on the JMZ line to the Marcy Avenue station but make sure you take the Uptown Queens bound train rather than the Downtown Brooklyn bound train. Also, Peter Luger’s doesn’t take credit cards so bring cash or use the ATM outside of the restaurant. This is for one person! So

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My favorite restaurant on the Upper West Side ★Humms Place★

Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern food and popular in the US and England although it is not yet well known in Japan. It’s a paste consisting of chickpeas, olive oil and garlic with a few additional ingredients. You then spread the mixture on pita breat (another traditional Middle Eastern food) and eat. Humms Place (UWS and West Village) Everything is delicious, but my favorite is: Humms Place Platter $14 4 different kinds of hummus and warm pita bread The price is very reasonable and it’s enough for 2 people to share.

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The most popular hamburger in New York ★Shake Shack★

There are plenty of places in New York City to get a hamburger but the Shake Shack is one of the most popular with locals who declare that it’s “The New York hamburger” The Shake Shack is owned and operated by Danny Meyer, the Founder and CEO of Union Square Hospitality which is a high end restaurant group. Opened in 2004 in Madison Square Park, the restaurant has been a huge success with over 64 restaurants.  Its shares are event traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol: SHAK) There are many Shake Shacks in New York City but there are usually waits that sometimes last an hour or

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The best Thai restaurant in New York ★Sripraphai★

The best Thai restaurant in New York is located in Queens. If you love Thai food or if you are in Queens try to go to Sripraphai The restaurant is rated a 27 in the Zagat Guide Zagat is a restaurant guide that rates restaurant based on customer reviews. I often use the Zagat Guide to pick restaurants. Sripraphai is looked in Woodside, Queens near the 7 Train at the 69th Street stop. The interior of the restaurant is casual.  There is a patio for outdoor eating. Spring roll Fish cake Soft shell crab Pad See-Ew The quality of the food and service and the low price make

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